I confess: I’m an information junkie. And I think it’s only fair to share some of the many resources that I use to write my blog posts as well those that continually satisfy my general curiosity. Behold!

Made of Paper

Dr. Dickson Despommier’s Parasitic Diseases is an invaluable resource for those interested in parasitology and disease-causing helminths. Despommier is the rock star of the parasitology world and I have a terrible academia crush on him. The small textbook also includes a nice section on entomological vectors of importance. Find it here.

Medial Microbiology by Murray et al. is also a great textbook to have at your disposal. Both microbes and microbiological techniques are explored in great detail. Find it here.

Made of Bytes

Coming back to Dr. Despommier, he has a great podcast with Dr. Vincent Racaniello of Virology Blog titled This Week in Parasitism. If you like infectious diseases and have never heard about the amazing Virology Blog, no one can help you in this world. You can also find six of Dr. Despommier’s video lectures on parasitic helminths here.

The Emerging Infectious Diseases online journal published by the CDC gives monthly updates on laboratory and historical research, current state of affairs and more. The cover of the journal always displays a piece of artwork related to infectious disease and public health. The editor, Polyxeni Potter, writes an accompanying article examining its relevance to disease and public health that is always thought-provoking and exquisitely written.

More from the CDC! Their DPDx: Parasitology Diagnostic Site is pretty neat with a great image library as well as diagnostic procedures. They also have a site solely devoted to parasites from A to Z which is another free smorgasbord of information. It is called, in a most unornamented, government-like fashion, Parasites.

The Imaging of Tropical Diseases is a truly phenomenal website that looks at the epidemiology, pathology and clinical symptoms of over 70 tropical diseases. Parasites, microbes and the like are categorized by anatomical location of the disease. It also comes in paper format.

The global electronic reporting system Pubmed sends out daily updates on outbreaks of emerging infectious disease. It’s cool. You can subscribe to it. They will send you stuff EVERY DAY.

Parasites really are everywhere. The blog Parasite of the Day does a great job of showcasing the wonderful world of parasites; it never ceases to amaze me what bizarre crevices these guys occupy and the scope of their ubiquitousness.

Infection Landscapes has a great weekly post examining the epidemiology, ecology, and sociology of infectious diseases. Go!

HealthMap tracks emerging outbreaks around the world. It’s like a Google Maps for outbreaks, offering a superbly fun opportunity to travel the world (online) and see what diseases are happening where. They also have a Disease Daily section offering the latest news on, you guessed it, disease.

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